(c) 2009 Game Fusion SAS
  Play the game at different difficulty levels to increase
mental reflexes and concentration. Sudo3 is
a full 3D game which brings together the world's most
popular puzzle format and 3D gaming in an original
format, offering a unique Sudoku sensation. Play the
traditional 9x9 grid, or choose to play multiple grids in a
cube format to solve an intricate 6 board puzzle

  • linked edges of the cube can help solve the puzzle
  • improve working memory and specialization
  • match digits, letters or colors
  • choose from a number of 3D board configurations
  • different background art and themes allow the
    player to customize game experience, from
    simple shades to complex fractals
  • original 3D art exclusively designed for Sudo3
  • infinite number of boards for a unlimited play
  • auto-save game functionality
  • pencil note marks
  • animated 3D camera moves & menus
  • pinch & zoom for clarity
  • game play statistics and high-score
  • soft hints & game solver
  • unlimited undo
  • original music and sound FX

Take the edge of 3D gaming and explore the fabulous
world of pattern matching, find order in the pattern of